The Modi government started preparations to vaccinate the people, the state said in a letter

The Modi government at the Center has started preparations for giving corona vaccine all over India. The letter directed the state to make advance preparations for the vaccination target of 250 million people by July. In addition to proper vaccination, it has been asked to take appropriate measures to prevent fake news about vaccination.

Russia's Sputnik V vaccine has already been approved for trial in India. The Seram Institute has also said that the vaccine will reach India around June next year. It is already known that when the vaccine arrives in India, it will be given to the health workers first. This instruction has been given for its preparation. The state has been asked to form committees at the state and district level to monitor the preparations for vaccination. The committee will address multiple issues, including immunization procedures and vaccine storage.

Each state and union territory has been asked to form three committees. The SSC committee will oversee the distribution of vaccines. It will see if the money allocated for vaccination is properly distributed and if the vaccine is arriving at the right time. They will make the whole plan of vaccine distribution. The DTF has multiple important responsibilities, including how many people are vaccinated, the training of those who are vaccinated, and how to stop spreading rumors.

Incidentally, the report of the Union Ministry of Health has mentioned that although the number of corona infections has decreased in the country. Infections are on the rise in several states at the moment. These states account for 8% of the total attacks. Bengali is also in this list. Just as our state has risen from tenth to fifth place in terms of total number of patients in the last two weeks, so is Bengal at the moment in terms of overall deaths.