The Modi government will give Rs 3461 crore to the state following Mamata Banerjee's petition


BanglaHunt Desk: The state's coffers have sunk due to Corona. In this situation, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had applied to the Center for a financial package. This time, the finance ministry is paying the installment money allotted to the state in compliance with that demand. Before the meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Union Finance Ministry has directed to pay Rs 3461 crore.

Under the Corona situation, the state's revenue has already plummeted. The amount spent from health to food services is getting longer every day. As a result, the amount of money in the state treasury is much less at the moment than usual. That is why Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee sought additional financial help from the Modi government to deal with Corona.

The central government has given financial packages to all the states to deal with Corona. But the situation is not the same in all states Judging by the situation, the Union Finance Ministry had earlier given approval to give extra money in the second round of meetings. It has been directed to pay the installment of Tk 361 crore due to the state from the central tax.

However, not only Bengal, but more than one state in India is going to get this grant. Rs. Apart from Bengal, Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh have also been asked to pay 41 per cent. Uttar Pradesh is getting the most money at Rs 4255.19 crore. It is followed by Bihar (Rs 4,613.98 crore) and Madhya Pradesh (Rs 3,630.8 crore).

By the way, the future of lockdown in the country will be decided in the meeting on 28th. However, judging by the situation, it is not expected that the lockdown across India will be lifted immediately.