The money from the sale of grain was lost, and the young woman returned it to the farmer with the help of the police


Bengali Hunt Desk: He lost all his money on the way back after selling grain. Later, when he regained consciousness, his hand fell on the farmer's head. But the farmer got back the money lost due to the activities of a young woman.

Raja Ramesh Babu was returning from Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh after selling cabbage. But he left the bag of money on the bus. On the other hand, a young woman named Rita got on the same bus from Betul. He saw a bag fall. He opened it and saw that it contained a few thousand rupees.


He immediately got off the bus and reached the local Saikera police station. He told the whole story openly. Then the police found out that the bag belonged to Ramesh Babu. In this context, a police officer of the police station said, this is not the first time.

Rita has shown honesty before. Some time ago, someone had mistakenly deposited Rs 42,000 in his father's account. Rita returned it with inquiries. The police are thinking of honoring Rita.