The monkey snatched the glasses, the woman adopted such a trick to get them back; Public said – Wah Didi Wah!


Viral Video: बंदर ने छीना चश्मा, वापस लेने को महिला ने अपनाई ऐसी ट्रिक, देख पब्लिक बोली- वाह दीदी वाह!

Video of glasses thief monkey viralImage Credit source: Instagram/@animalfestiva

Monkey Viral Video: Monkeys are very mischievous. If you have ever been to Vrindavan, then you would be well aware of his misdeeds. Yes, you have got it right. Here monkeys are no less than a problem for every brother with glasses. because lost sight and Monkey Ruff-chakkar with spectacles. For the time being, a similar Video has attracted the attention of the people. monkey in this uncle’s glasses snatches away Then the jugaad that a woman fights to get glasses is worth seeing.

In the video going viral, you can see a man wearing glasses climbing up the stairs. There, a monkey is also sitting on the railing nearby. The very next moment, this monkey attacks the spectacles of the person with the speed of lightning and takes it to the corner of the railing. It can be seen in the video that the man makes several unsuccessful attempts to get the spectacles from the monkey. Only then a woman comes and takes back the spectacles from the monkey by using her mind like Chacha Chaudhary. What is that method, for this you have to watch the video.

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See here, when the monkey ran away after snatching the man’s glasses

The funny thing is that after snatching the glasses, the monkey also wears them. However, one of his does not walk in front of the woman. The video has been shared on Instagram on an account named @animalfestiva. About 13 lakh people have liked this video of a few seconds so far. At the same time, many users have commented.

One user has written, wow didi wow. You did amazing At the same time, another user says. This woman turned out to be experienced. He has got Chacha Chowdhary type mind. Another user has commented, What a fool the woman made a monkey.

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