The monkey was happy to receive the water bottle as a gift, read the manual; Violent viral video


BanglaHunt Desk, Viral Video: Who doesn't love to receive gifts? A monkey was happy to receive such a gift in a video that went viral recently, you can't help but sit and watch the viral video.

The theory is that modern humans evolved from apes. Needless to say, there are many similarities between the character of a monkey and that of a human. The net public has found such a remarkable similarity in the video that went viral recently.

As seen in the viral video, a monkey named George is given a box as a gift. George was very happy to receive the gift and immediately opened the box Then he opened the bottle with childlike enthusiasm and peeked inside Then it shuts itself off At one stage of the video, he was seen reading the bottle manual.

The video was posted on social media by a water bottle maker called The Coldest Water. It goes viral the moment it is posted. Five-faced netpara in praise of George.

Earlier in the video, the monkey sat at the table for a long time with the traffic police consignment book. Not only that, he holds the pen in his hand and turns the pages of the book of traffic invoices. It's as if he's looking at what the invoice book is and how the invoices are cut. Meanwhile, the police members present there were also surprised.

Seeing the scene, it seemed that the monkey was going to cut the consignment himself. When a policeman pointed a gun at him, the monkey jumped up, got up from his chair, sat on the table and started threatening the policeman. However, after a while, a female police officer took the consignment book. Then he tried to snatch it from him but the monkey did not succeed.