The mosque came forward with the help of the temple, the mosque donated land on the pretext of communal harmony

BanglaHunt Desk: Kerala is an example of communal harmony. Forgetting the division of religion, the mosque committee came forward in need of a temple of Muthuwalu panchayat committee in Malappuram, Kerala. The mosque committee left the land without hesitation as there were problems on the way to reach the temple.

The mosque came forward with the help of the temple

To reach the temple in the Muthuwalu panchayat area of ​​Malappuram, Kerala, the locals had to walk many dangerous paths. Devotees could cross a small hill and then reach the Kojikodan Muchithadam Bhagwati temple. To relieve the residents of this problem, the mosque committee gave up some land of the mosque in the area.

The land around that temple in Kerala was part of the mosque. But the temple committee sat down with the mosque committee to discuss the construction of a road to reach the temple. The mosque committee then reluctantly gave up some of its land for the construction of the temple road.

The mosque committee gave up the land without any hesitation

Shihab Ka, secretary of the mosque committee, said, ‘When the members of the temple committee come to us for help, we come forward to help them. To reach the temple they needed a road, which ran through the land in part of the mosque. However, if we want to give land to someone here, there are various restrictions. Land cannot be given to anyone easily. Then when we found out that the land could be given, we left a little less to the temple committee. '

The mosque committee will donate by making stairs

Ahmed Sagir, president of the panchayat, said the mosque committee was also willing to donate money if the temple committee wanted to build a staircase to reach the temple on the land. In this way, even after giving the land, they are ready to pay for the construction of the temple stairs.

The temple committee expressed its gratitude

The temple priest, Babu Cheloth Uniyathan, thanked the mosque committee for the donation, saying, “It was very difficult for everyone to cross the hilly road to reach the temple.” This donation of the mosque committee to alleviate our suffering is undeniable. This temple is about 45 years old. The mosque committee has donated more than 100 meters of road to the temple.