The Most Popular Cars in Texas

In This Highly-Populated State, Here’s What People Love to Drive


There’s no place quite like Texas, with its natural beauty, its unique regional characteristics, its food and culture, its history, and its unique cities. In such a highly-populated state with such a diversity of people, Texas serves as an interesting market for what kinds of cars people desire these days. 


We’ve been able to single out three kinds of cars that people love to drive in Texas, and we’ve also provided our analysis of why these cars – with their features and designs – fit a Texas lifestyle.


The Classic Pickup Shouts “Texas”

It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for new cars for sale in Houston or wanting to feel the wind in your hair in El Paso, the classic pickup is an iconic image of Texas. It’s a heavy duty vehicle for country living, utility, and exploring the outdoors, and it can also be used as both a safe family vehicle or even a luxury statement when it has the right features and upgrades. No matter the reason, the classic pickup just shouts “Texas.” 


We particularly like to see the pickup when it’s used as a family car because this is the least expected of its functions. Pickups have more than enough space, and are especially useful for those wanting to throw their adventure gear in the back. You don’t have to worry about the minivan-look when you become a parent. These days, you can still show your Texas pickup pride without having to sacrifice safety or family values. 


The SUV is the American Dream

This seems to be the choice for those who really want to go big, and Texas is known for this kind of thing. The SUV, much like the pickup, is now a classic American car, and in some ways represents the American Dream for most people as it’s durable enough for rough riding and your next adventure, while also providing safe features for the family. There are even electric SUVs on the way with VW’s 2022 ID.4, which blends more practical budget concerns about gas with a modern, sleek SUV look. All in all, it’s a stunner of a vehicle. 


Most movies you see today show “perfect” families with an SUV parked in the driveway, and this communicates success to most car buyers. Where else but in Texas are people living the American dream, with its wide array of people, various terrains, unique cities, and an American history only rivaled by the birthplace of the Revolution. The American Dream is alive and well in Texas, and a car to complement this fact is popular among Texas drivers.


The Hatchback for City Drivers

The cities of Texas are heavily populated, and to get around efficiently you need to be able to zip in and out of traffic when you’re commuting back home to the suburbs, or you’re headed out for a night in Dallas, Houston, Austin, or elsewhere (we could keep going!) The hatchback has elements that make for suburban and country lifestyle alike, but we’re thrilled by its nimble ability on the road, its hip look, and its fuel economy. 


Think in particular about the 2022 Volkswagen Golf in the GTI and R models, which have great gas mileage, are beloved by owners, and offer a contemporary look that you’ve come to expect from this particular manufacturer. We’ve spotted a lot of these on the road lately – move over pickup and SUV! – and we think this vehicle is coming in hot for a high ranking as one of the most popular cars in Texas. 


What Comes to Mind for You?

When you think about the kind of car a Texan likes to drive, were you thinking of the SUV, pickup, or hatchback? Something else? 


There are good cases to be made for a number of models, but we think that car type has to meet a few requirements to really be a must-have in Texas: it needs to communicate “big” even if it’s a smaller car. For instance, the hatchback is no SUV or pickup, but the stylishness of this vehicle turns heads. A “Texas car” also needs to communicate something in particular about America, whether that’s the suburban dream (as symbolized by the SUV) or a country lifestyle that the pickup truck perennially provides. 


If you’re out in Texas now, keep an eye out for new trends, and let us know what you see. Texas is a place where big industry changes are put to the test, and Texans know what they like. You can rely on Texas as a place for tastemaking in the United States, so if you want to get in on a Texan trend as recognizable as the food, clothes, and larger-than-life culture, you can bet on the vehicles mentioned above.