The most searched Konika Kapoor and Ramayana in lockdown, survey conducted by Yahoo


BanglaHunt Desk: Priyanka Chopra is also left behind by Kanika Kapoor. Yes, that's right. Bollywood's 'Baby Doll' has become the most searched after Bollywood's 'Desi Girl'. That's what the Yahoo India survey says. However, Konika is not alone, she is being hit hard by the re-broadcast serial Ramayana on the television screen.
In fact, in this long lockdown, people have become more dependent on the Internet at home. Yahoo India has conducted a survey on what is being searched the most in this lockdown.

Web service provider Yahoo has published a list of what was searched in various fields in the survey. According to the results of that survey, Bollywood singers Konika Kapoor and Ramayana are at the top of the list in terms of entertainment.
In terms of search, Konika has also surpassed Priyanka Chopra. Before the lockdown, Piggy Chops had the highest position. But things changed in the lockdown. Everyone knows that Konika Kapoor was the first in Bollywood to be attacked by Kovid 19A. He was also accused of attending several high profile parties on his return from London. Social media has been fighting over the issue for some time. At that time many people searched for him.

On the other hand, the old series started to be aired again as there was not enough episode banking of the current series in Lockdown. Ramayana is also back on the television screen. A lot of things have been searched for with this popular series.
The Hollywood movie Contagion has been ranked among the top five searches on the lockdown. Before the lockdown episode, the list included Bigg Boss, Tanaji: The Great Ansang Warrior, Drive, and Good News.