The mother and daughter got married on the same stage, the audience said they had never seen such a thing before


A unique marriage has come to the fore in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Here the mother started her new life with her daughter in the same mandapa tied to the same mandapa. The people who came to take part in the program blessed both of them and wished them well for the future.

Beli's husband, a resident of Kuramaul in Piplauli block area, has died. In Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s mass marriage scheme, Bailey registered the marriage of his daughter and Indu. Bailey is married to her brother-in-law Jagadish, 55, and daughter Indu to Pali resident Rahul. On this occasion both of them started married life. The villagers said that the marriage of both the mother and the daughter, they are seeing in the same mandapa for the first time. This marriage has become a topic of discussion.

Under the Chief Minister's mass marriage scheme, 63 couples got married at the Piprauli block headquarters on Thursday. One of the couple was married. The chief guest was a member of the district panchayat and others who blessed the bride and groom from being present. A large number of people from both sides were present at the time.

According to the chief guest, this ambitious plan of the state government is proving to be a boon for the poor in this era of inflation. Distinguished guest BJP leader Dilip Kumar Yadav said that such practices would inculcate a spirit of equality in the society and strengthen unity.