The mother of the child at the age of 13, the father of the newborn is 10! The sensational demand of the teenage mother

Daria Sudnishnikova, a resident of Russia, became pregnant at the age of 13. On the morning of August 18, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. More surprisingly, Daria claims her child's father is her ex-boyfriend Evan, who is only 10 years old.

Daria is quite popular on Instagram. He has more than three and a half lakh followers. Daria had earlier reported that she was pregnant on her Instagram handle. She also told about her 10-year-old boyfriend and the child's father Evan. Daria's words caused quite a stir on social media.

However, doctors claim that it is not possible for anyone to be a father at the age of 10. The father of Daria's child must be someone else. After sharing the news of becoming a mother on Instagram, Daria further said that she will tell more about this later. Now he is tired.

Earlier, Daria said she was raped by a 16-year-old boy near her home. That's why she got pregnant, said Daria. But despite knowing everything, her boyfriend Evan kept her in check. He even identifies himself as the father of his child.

By the way, this is the most difficult time in her 13-year life, Daria said on Instagram. She is tired after delivery. Doctors also told him to rest. However, Daria and her well-to-do daughter are both reported to be healthy.

But under Russian law, it is illegal to take custody of a child before the age of 18. In that case, Daria's age is still three years late from 18. So it is known that now Daria's mother will take care of her child.