The mother stopped buying her child in Corona, bought a TV to sell Mangalsutra and take classes


Banglahunt Desk: Corona virus infection is on the rise at the moment. As a result the school college is closed at the moment. However, the country's education system has not stopped. Mobile teaching is going on in the alternative system. But not everyone has a smart phone, it is not possible to buy a mobile phone in Corona situation. So will their education stop? This question was raised once again.

In the case of a married Hindu woman, it is very difficult to keep Mangalsutra mortgage However, the mother did not hesitate to do so for the welfare of the children. Kasturi has to make this decision while standing on the hard ground of reality for the bright future of a woman child in Karnataka. Because motherhood is much bigger for a woman than the pattern of femininity.

The Karnataka government has recently chosen TV as the medium of instruction in the Corona situation as not all people have a smart phone. But in a country where a huge number of people eat half a meal daily, it is normal for everyone in that country not to have a TV. And Kasturi 7 lives with her children in such a family

Kasturi lives in Gadge, Karnataka. He said the administration has decided that the children will be educated through TV. But they don't have a TV, they can't be sent to their neighbour's house every day. So he had to decide to mortgage Mangal Sutra so that his studies would not be stopped.

Incidentally, the corona infection in Karnataka has been on the rise in the last few days. The mortality rate of minors has suddenly increased. So at the moment panic is spreading across that state.