The Muslim women of Meerut joined in the joy of land worship and performed Aarti and Puja in the name of Ram


Bangla Hunt Desk: When the whole of Ayodhya was filled with the joy of worshiping the land of the Ram temple, an unprecedented example arose from Meerut. After a long wait of 500 years, the whole world witnessed a historic moment. On this day, Indian citizens in India as well as in India also joined in the joyous chanting of the name of Lord Rama.

Muslim women also joined in the joy

While the whole country was rejoicing, the women of the Muslim community in the women's room of the Muslim Rashtra Mancha in Meerut district also participated in that joy. They chanted the name of Lord Rama, distributed sweets and shared the joy of this auspicious day with everyone.

At the same time, they said, ‘Today is a day of glory for all the people of the country. We have full confidence in Shri Ram. We are believers in Indian culture and Hindustani Muslims. We are all very happy today. '

Shahini Parvez also lit the lamp

Shahini Parvez, the national convener of the Muslim Rashtriya Mancha, offered prayers in the name of Lord Rama on the occasion of the land worship ceremony at the Ram temple. He also lit a lamp in his house. He said, ‘We all have connections with Shri Ram, not with any Babriya Babri. None of us can shake that faith. “