The mysterious death of 11 Hindu refugees from the same family who came to India from Pakistan under torture


Bengali Hunt Desk: Tragic news is coming from Jodhpur in Rajasthan. The bodies of 11 people were recovered near Haridasota village in Dechu police station area, causing a stir in the area. Of those 11, four are women, two are children and five are men. Suicide notes were also recovered from the spot.

Upon receiving the news of the incident, the police administration became alert and senior bureaucrats of the administration reached the spot. The forensic investigation team was also called. Police officials said 11 bodies were recovered. FSL's team has been called to the spot. Police said the dead all lived in the same house.

Police said they were all Pakistani Hindu refugees. They used to work in agriculture there. Leaders of an organization working to help persecuted Hindu refugees from Pakistan to India are also reported to have arrived at the scene.

A large crowd gathered at the scene. One of the Pakistani refugees in the area came from another place. Police are questioning him. Police are also interrogating the relatives of the deceased.