The name Ram is written all over, Ramnami. The people of this community are very strange


BanglaHunt Desk: People of different religions and castes live in India, a land of diversity. There is no discrimination between people here. All people living in India are children of Mother India. However, in this diversity, there is a nation living in the country of unity who do not go to any temple or mosque. But the name Ram is written all over their body.

There is a community of people whose name Ram is written all over

The people of this community in Chhattisgarh wear clothes in the name of Lord Rama. Rama wrote the name on all the limbs. They even do tattoos called Ram. But even though they have so much devotion to Lord Rama, they never go to any temple to worship Lord Rama.

Do not worship any idol or enter the temple

The people of this community believe that God dwells in every human being, plant and animal. They worship Ramcharit Manas. Although the name of Lord Rama is heard everywhere, they never go to any temple to serve the Lord. These people even worship any idol. However, they have nothing to do with the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

Ram's name is also written on the clothes he is wearing

Ram's name is written in bright letters in everyone's house. At the beginning of the meeting of one person with another, they mention the name Ram. From hats to kurtas and even their towels have the name Ram written on them. The people of this community gather at the Ramnami Bhajan Mela to give diksha to the people. The purpose of their fair is to unite with the people of their community and to introduce new people to their initiation.

They were forbidden to enter the temple due to their orthodox attitude

About 100 years ago, the upper castes of the society did not allow all these people to enter any temple. That is why they have made their body a temple and have written the name of Ram all over it, said Mehtarlal Tandon, the national president of the Ramnami community.

The role of a tattoo named Ram on the body

All the people of this Ramnami society have tattooed the name Ram on their body. However, this tattoo has some special features. For example, a person who tattoos the name Rama on every part of his body is called Nakh Shikha Ram Nami. Again, if two tattoos of Ram name are done on the forehead, it is called Shiromi on the forehead. If Rama's name is written on all foreheads, he is called Sarbang Ramnami.

Today's youth do not tattoo the name of Ram at all

Ramnami can be seen in four districts of Chhattisgarh. Despite the cultural heritage among them, the youth community no longer tattoos the name Ram on all limbs. However, they wear clothes with the name of Rama on any part of the body or forehead.