The net world is fascinated by the dance of two siblings from Jharkhand, the video is viral


BanglaHunt Desk: Net world fascinated by brother-sister dance. Their dance also went viral on Twitter. They have millions of followers on the ticket. This time they are also viral on Twitter. The incident took place in Jharkhand.

In a very simple atmosphere, Sanatan Kumar Mahato and his sister dance without any exaggeration. For so long, they used to upload tickets for small dance clippings. This time they are also viral on Twitter. Sharing the video of their dance with Mini Mathur, it went viral. They dance together in the mud outside the mud house. As if rehearsing. No special clothes, no accessories. There is no exit from the surrounding background. There are only dance talents and skills. Not trained, the ability to dance seems to be innate.

Fascinated by such a dance, TV anchor Mini Mathur shared it on Twitter. The two brothers and sisters are seen dancing to the tune of 'Maine Dil Ka Hukam Suna Hai'. Sharing this video, Mini wrote, “This is what I wanted to see this morning. There is a lot of love for those who are trying to be so positive. ”

After sharing the mini, the video was viewed by 11,000 people on Twitter. The ticket has already been viewed by about 4 million people and received thousands of complimentary comments. According to his Twitter profile, Sanatan Mahato and his sister live in Dhanbad, Jharkhand. Besides dancing, they also uploaded some comedy clips. Millions of people follow them.