The new island Sachin Fans Club celebrated the birthday of the legendary Sachin by distributing relief items to the poor and needy people.


The Corona virus has created a difficult situation in India as well as around the world at the moment. Legendary Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar turned 47 on Friday amid the dire situation across the country. But before his birthday, Sachin Tendulkar had informed his close circle that he would not celebrate his birthday this time because of the difficult situation in the country.

Sachin's fans have literally followed the message of the beloved cricketer. In another year where Sachin Tendulkar's birthday was celebrated with pomp and ceremony, this time nothing was done. Instead, the birthday of the legendary Sachin Tendulkar was celebrated by distributing relief items to the victims of Corona.

On Sachin Tendulkar's birthday on Friday, relief materials were handed over to the helpless and needy people of the area on behalf of the Sachin Fans Club in Navadwip. Ashok Chakraborty, one of the members of Sachin Fans Club in Navadwip, said that every year on this special day we celebrate by cutting cakes, lighting candles and celebrating. But the situation in the country is not good this year, there is a lockdown going on across the country for Corona. As a result, the life of the working people of the country has become miserable. That is why on the birthday of our beloved Sachin Tendulkar, we handed over various food items including rice and pulses to those people. This year we celebrated the birthday of legend Sachin Tendulkar in this way.