The new Prime Minister of Japan is going to be the son of a farmer, know the story of his struggle

Bangla Hunt Desk: Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga has been named the new Prime Minister of Japan. Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party on Monday named Suga as its leader. Suga easily won Monday's election between representatives of the Liberal Democratic Party and regional parties. He got 36 votes out of 534. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has resigned following a series of physical problems.

Suga, 61, is seen as a thriller as Japan's prime minister. Suga's father used to grow strawberries. Suga was born in Akita, Japan. Suga studied law at Hossein University in Tokyo. The main reason for choosing this university is that it was the lowest cost university in Japan. He used to work part-time in a factory to pay for his university studies. He even sold fish.

After studying at the university, Suga House started working for the election campaign. Suga had no political connection, no experience. But due to his hard work and indomitable desire to change the society, he was determined to fight the election. He went from house to house and started campaigning. According to media reports, he campaigned in 30,000 homes after standing for election. Which is unbelievable but true.

It was even heard that six pairs of his shoes were torn by the end of the election. The practice of giving political speeches at busy train stations in Japan is said to have come from Suga's hands. And his campaign became so popular that many political leaders started campaigning at the station by imitating his campaign. According to Japanese political experts, Suga is a self-made man.

There are many stories of struggle behind his success. Suga has been with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe since 2012. Suga was known as Abe's right hand man. In Japan, Suga is known as a compassionate leader. And it is said that he made many big decisions from behind, which are influential for the government and the citizens of the country.