The new wife is reluctant to come from her father's house due to the lockdown, the husband said


BanglaHunt Desk: Lockdown is tied! The wife could not come to the husband. Killing virus COVIED-19. Due to which the lockdown announced by the government is going on. And in this lockdown, it is forbidden to leave the house without much need. Meanwhile, a man from Sambhal of Uttar Pradesh approached the police as his wife refused to come home. The woman is at her parents' house in Amroha. They got married a few months ago.

The woman went to her father's house a few weeks after the marriage. After that, her husband promised to return home, but the woman did not agree, citing the reason for the lockdown.
The woman's husband approached the police last Friday. But the police found the woman's words reasonable and told her husband to wait until the lockdown.

It is learned that a couple of months ago, the woman went to her father's house in Armoh district. Due to the lockdown, she could not return to her husband's house. The husband telephoned her and asked her to leave. In reply, he said that in this situation, the police would not allow him to travel. Then her husband promised to arrange for the Orange Pass. But the woman turned down the offer. He said he can't take the risk of going anywhere else at this time. Because, he can be infected with coronavirus.

The man also tried to persuade his wife with the help of his in-laws. But the woman remained adamant in her decision. The man then approached the police. He told the police that his mother was ill and needed care. The police, however, did not listen to this argument. They told the man to wait until the lockdown went up.