The NIA unmasked the 14-member IS module in Bangalore and arrested two members


Bangla Hunt Desk: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Wednesday uncovered a module of the Islamic State and arrested two members, Ahmed Abdul Kader and Irfan Nasir. The agency said at least 13 to 14 people fled Bangalore to Iraq and Syria between 2013 and 2014. The agency said two of them probably died while fighting for IS. And several returned to India in 2014. Many of them are still at large.

IS invaded Iraq and Syria in 2014. Iraq declared victory in 2016 against the militant group. In March 2019, the US military in Syria said it had cleared a militant group based in Syria.

The agency said the NIA had identified all members of the module and was investigating those who were in contact with their movements. According to the agency, those who returned to Bangalore from the IS module were disillusioned with their lives.

The arrested Abdul Ahmed was working in a bank in Abdul Kad. He used to work in a bank as a trade analyst. And Nasir ran his own family business. Both have been accused of radicalizing most of the module's members and arranging for at least five of its members to travel abroad. Another large 22-member module flew from Kasargod and Palakkad districts in Kerala to Iraq and Syria. It was the largest organization to travel from India to these countries.