The officer is working in the police station, and Hanuman is choosing his lice! Video is viral


Bangla Hunt Desk: The video of the police officer working in the police station picking lice is viral on social media. The viral video shows a police officer sitting in his chair at the police station. And sitting in a chair behind him, a Hanuman is choosing the lice on his head. After the video went viral on social media, laughter spread all around. Many are again surprised to see Hanuman's fame. On the other hand, many are praising the bravery of the police. This video was shared on Twitter by Forest Fisher Sushant Nanda. Check out that viral video.

On the other hand, a video of a rare Chandrabora snake has recently gone viral on social media. The two heads of this snake rescued in Maharashtra. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding. Netdunia is shocked to see that. Although the city dwellers do not have a clear idea about the Chandrabora snake, it is rarely found in the villages of India. Although we all know that playing Chandrabora snake bites is death in most cases. But what if the snake has two fangs? Then the amount of poison will be doubled. Such a terrible snake has been seen in Maharashtra

The snake was rescued from Kalyan-Gandhara Road near commercial city Mumbai. A local resident named Dimple Shah first saw the snake and informed the forest department. The forest department came and rescued this rare snake. They said that both the heads of this snake are active. Such snakes have been born due to rare genes. The 20-second video was posted by Indian Forest Department official Sushant Nanda. The video went viral as soon as it was posted. Anger overflowed in the comment box Check out that viral video.