The old woman has been selling idli for 1 taka for 35 years, she has not increased the price even in lockdown


BanglaHunt Desk: Long 30-35 Idli is being sold for only 1 taka for a year in Tamil Nadu (Tamil Nadu). His 'Annapurna Bhandar' is opened every day for the daily wage workers. This Dida feeds the working people with idli, sambar and chutney for only 1 taka. His shop is running in the same way in lockdown. The price has not increased by a single penny.
Kamalathal, 81, lives in a village near Peru in Tamil Nadu. Every day his day starts before sunrise. His Idli shop is at home. He sells an idli, sambar and chutney for the people who eat every day. The old woman has kept this price so that the poor people can start the day with a full stomach.

Earlier, Kamalathal used to sell idli for only 50 paise. But to increase the price of goods, he has increased the price of Idli by 50 paise to one taka. Even in this lockdown market where everything is expensive, the black market is everywhere, the price of Kamalathal Idli is still one rupee. In this context, he said, he does not want to make profit but he enjoys feeding people.
Incidentally, Kamalathal came to the limelight last year after doing this for a long time. Upon learning of his generosity, Dhanadhya Dhanadhya fell into the net world. Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra tweeted praising Kamalathal. He also expressed interest in investing in his business.