The one who gets Rs 9.75 crore in IPL, will pick up the bat after 7 months, will say the first ‘attack’ against this team


IPL में जिसे मिले 9.75 करोड़ रुपये, वो 7 महीने बाद उठाएगा बल्ला, इस टीम के खिलाफ बोलेगा पहला

Jonny Bairstow Returns: Jonny Bairstow was injured while playing golf in September last year. Due to that injury, he had to be ruled out of T20 World Cup, Test series played in Pakistan and IPL 2023.

New Delhi: The hours of waiting are over. The wounds are now healed. The injury which had kept this player away from the cricket field for 7 months is now cured. Even after getting 9.75 crores in IPL, he did not play because of the same injury. But will play now. IPL 2023 Not in me but in county cricket.

The player we are talking about is going to make a comeback, Johnny Bairstow of England. Before returning, this right-handed England wicket-keeper batsman played his last innings against South Africa on 26 August 2022 in the Manchester Test. Now after 7 months, he is eager to play a new inning.

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Bairstow was injured in September 2022

Johnny Bairstow was injured while playing golf in September last year. Due to that injury, he did not even play the T20 World Cup played last year. Not only this, he was also ruled out of England’s tour of Pakistan for the Test series. And, then from IPL 2023 as well. Means back to back he had to leave a lot of cricket.

Recovered from 7 months old injury, now ready to play

However, now that Bairstow has recovered, he has a big challenge like Ashes in front of him. He would like to rectify his own cricket and especially his batting before facing Australia right at home. For this he has decided to play for Yorkshire.

Bairstow will play for Yorkshire’s second string team against Nottinghamshire. Through this match, he will try to prove his fitness.

Let us tell you that the Ashes series of 5 Test matches against Australia will start from June 16 at Edgbaston. Australia is currently in possession of the Ashes. England had lost its previous edition by 0-4.

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