The only mistake Hong Kong made was to take away the chance of the Corona virus

BanglaHunt Desk: Citizens traveling freely on the streets of Hong Kong when World War II was imprisoned in the wake of the Corona virus (COVID-19). They look as if nothing has happened. They know nothing about the horrors of the Corona virus. Recently, on behalf of Hong Kong, Corona donated $ 1.5 billion to the virus's financial package. But in the meantime, Hong Kong residents celebrate Easter. There was no such place left, they didn't go. Everywhere they traveled freely.

The number of Corona victims in the world is approaching 2 million, and the death toll has dropped to 3 million long ago. At present, the death toll of the coronary tract is around 1 lakh 25 thousand There are lockdowns around the world. It has been said to maintain social distance. All the festivities are closed. But in the meantime, Hong Kong residents are having an Easter festival. They traveled to different parts of Hong Kong to celebrate Easter.

Citizens gathered on the beach to observe the Easter festival. Easter celebrations were united in the market too. The Easter festival was also enjoyed at the hotel. At the Easter festival, Matoya looked like a Hong Kong resident who had nothing to do with the Corona virus. In Hong Kong, the citizens of Hong Kong rejoiced at the Easter festival.

Already in Hong Kong, the number of coronary infections has exceeded 3,000. And 4 of them lost their lives in fighting Corona. In Hong Kong, any social event was banned from March 25. But even so, all the Hong Kong people rejoiced over Easter. At present, more than 5 people have been banned from coming together. But none of the government rules.

Due to the Corona virus crisis, the government has decided to pay 3 percent salary there for three years. Already in Hong Kong, the government was very weak financially for the people who were against the government. This time, however, the crisis has become more prevalent because of the Corona virus.

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