The oxygen level in the Jamuna has risen to 33%, there is another special reason besides the lockdown


BanglaHunt Desk: Apart from the lockdown, the Yamuna River and its tributaries are very clear for a special reason. The Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) said in a report. This report has been submitted by the committee to the Jamuna Monitoring Committee appointed by the NGT. The committee found that the river's organic oxygen demand (BOD) increased by 5 percent.

In its assessment, the committee compared the lockdown time to April last year. The DPCC sampled nine places of Jamuna and 20 drains of water. The DPCC said the river is so clean because of the closure of industrial waste and the flow of water. However, the DPCC also said that the water quality of the river has improved, it still does not meet the criteria as the river is still carrying water from the domestic drain.

According to the BOD of Okhla Barrage, it has been reduced by 18 per cent, Nizamuddin Bridge by 20 per cent, Agra Canal at Okhla Barrage and pollution by 33 per cent. Pollution has come down to 21 per cent at ITO Bridge and four per cent at Kudsia Ghat. On the other hand, if we go to Paula and Surghat, from where the Jamuna goes first after entering Delhi, there is no significant increase in the quality of water here, but both places are valuable for water bath (Class C). According to the report, no place water is in this category. However, the palm platoon pool is the only place where the amount of water has increased by 12 percent.

An official said that the reason for the pollution reduction in the river at this time was to release more water along with the lockdown. Rainfall was good in March, which is why more rivers are being released this time than last year. Industrial drains have been completely shut down, but domestic drains are still coming into the water which is a big problem. It is clear that if the drain continues in this river, we cannot raise the water level.

The report also said that in the April 27, 1 cusec of water was released into the river, and in that month 5 cusecs of water were released into the river. This is why the river has become clearer. If we talk about drains from which there is a lot of pollution in the river, then the civil mill in Delhi (5 percent contaminated water), 8 percent from ISBT, 12 percent of the polluted water from the Barapulla drain falls into the river and makes it dirty.

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