The Pakistani journalist praised India, threatening to expel Millal from the country

Banglahant Desk: A prominent Pakistani journalist, Iqrar ul Hassan Syed, has become a traitor in the eyes of the Pakistani government for sharing a post from his Twitter account. The Pak government also declared him a traitor because of one of his uses in a moment.

The fact is that on January 17, Ikrar-ul-Hasan Syed, the host of a TV show called Sir-e-Am in Pakistan, shared a tweet from one person from his Twitter account. He retweeted a tweet from Amitabh Kant, CEO of the Policy Commission of India.

In fact, Amitabh Kant wrote in his tweet, ‘India is the corona vaccine hub of the world’. Retweeting Amitabh Kant's tweet from his account, Iqrar ul Hasan Syed wrote, “India vs Pakistan. Whether Pakistan will import the vaccine is yet to be decided. Making is a far cry. But if we have to fight, then we have to fight for economics, science, sports, structural foundations and facing the truth. '

Not only this special tweet, he also shared two pictures before that. Where the picture has been compared about the vehicle service of India vs Pakistan. The situation of beggars in Pakistan is revealed in the picture shared by him. On the other hand, pictures of comfortable tours of Indian citizens are shown. The picture that Prime Minister Modi tweeted on January 16 was 'This is the Janshatabdi Express from Ahmedabad to Cabaria'.

Not only the internal situation of the country, but also the price of foreign currency to be exchanged in Pakistan. He wrote in his tweet that if 1 taka of Bangladesh is to be redeemed in Pakistan, the Pakistani government has to pay 1.90 taka. On the other hand, in case of 1 taka in India, you have to pay 2.20 taka.

The Pakistani citizens and the Pak government were outraged by all these tweets of Iqrar ul Hasan Syed. He was declared a traitor and asked to apologize. However, the Pakistani government went against Iqrar-ul-Hasan Syed, but a number of prominent Pakistani figures supported him. He is joined by Pakistani cricketers Shoaib Akhtar, Kamran Akhmal, singer Ali Zafar and actor Imran Ashraf.