The patience of the people of Noida was broken, the Parthala flyover was opened before its inauguration; video viral


Parthala Bridge Viral Video: नोएडा के लोगों का टूटा सब्र, उद्घाटन से पहले ही खोल दिया फ्लाईओवर; वीडियो वायरल

The public opened the Parthala bridge even before its inaugurationImage Credit source: Twitter/@Roohi01936868

Video of Parthala Bridge: Have you ever heard that a flyover has been built, but even before its inauguration, vehicles have started plying there. No no. But in Uttar Pradesh Noida I got to see something similar on Monday, when the patience of the people here broke and even before the inauguration, they started protesting at Sector 121. Parthala Flyover opened by itself. social media But its video is becoming increasingly viral.

Noida residents have been waiting for the opening of the Parthala bridge for a long time, but when there was a delay in the inauguration of this cable suspension bridge by the Noida Authority, the patience of the people was answered. Then what was left. The public themselves removed the blockers installed at the beginning of the bridge and started running the vehicles. In the viral clip, bike and car riders can be seen rushing through the bridge. It can be seen in the video that the way to the bridge was blocked by huge cement pipes. But people removed it and ‘inaugurated’ their own bridge.

See here, when the public opened the Parthala bridge even before its inauguration

The date of inauguration of the Parthala bridge, which was completed in about two years, has not been decided yet. However, in the second week of June itself, the discussion of the inauguration was in full swing. But when people felt that the officers of Noida Authority would not open it, they themselves started leaving the bridge with their vehicles.

On Twitter, a user named Rohit with the handle @Roohi01936868 shared the video and wrote, “The public opened the Parthala bridge on their own.” However, as soon as the information was received, the police immediately reached the spot. After this, barricading was done there again, so that people do not pass through the bridge in an unauthorized manner before the inauguration.

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