The patriot stood alone against the Indian opposition on foreign soil

BanglaHunt Desk: An Indian citizen has protested against the display of Khalistani demonstrations in Barcelona. In the public streets, he held the Teranga flag of India in his hand and set an example of patriotism. “I support my PM, I support India,” he said.

To show his devotion to the country, this man shouted the name of the country alone on foreign soil. When the Khalistanis took part in anti-national demonstrations on foreign soil, he was the only one to carry the country's flag and shout the country's name. Not finding anyone by his side, this man alone went against almost a million people and chanted slogans for the country. He preached loudly for the country.

He did not lose his courage in front of Pakistanis and Khalistanis and fought alone for the country. As the voice of the opposition grew louder, the man was raising his voice in the name of the country and in the name of Prime Minister Modi. This person proved it by protesting against the opposition not only in the country but also in foreign lands.

It is not a common thing to stand in front of the opposition and shout in the name of the country. While on the one hand the opposition is protesting against the country, on the other hand this person is fighting for his own country. He is shouting in the name of the country and the Prime Minister of the country. All this requires enough courage. This man stood alone and set an example of patriotism in foreign lands.