The peak of Kanchenjunga is clearly visible from Raiganj, scientists say the benefits of reducing air pollution

Traffic was almost closed at the lockdown. As a result, there were several benefits of reducing air pollution. This time, as a result of reduction in air pollution, Kanchanjangha is clearly visible not only from Siliguri but also from Raiganj.

Kanchenjunga was seen from Raiganj for 10-12 minutes at 5:40 yesterday. Environmentalists say it reduces air pollution. This mountain peak has been clearly seen from so far.

At the time of the lockdown, NASA's satellite image showed that India's air pollution had decreased after 20 years. The main reason for this is of course the lockdown, as well as the aerosols floating in the Indian air due to the rains have decreased so much that the Indian sky is as clear as 20 years ago. The tiniest particles of air pollution that are trapped in our atmosphere. These particles can be made of solid material or liquid gaseous material. Clouds and fog are also a kind of aerosol.

The city of Delhi is at the forefront of air pollution in the world. There the amount of a.q.i has dropped below 38 which is very comforting. As a result of the lockdown, the amount of nitrogen oxides in the air of Delhi has come down at a record rate. According to Safar, on March 25, Delhi's overall AQI score was 8.