The peasant leader opened the polls of the peasant movement and expressed his anger against the opposition


BanglaHunt Desk: An audio clipping of Bhanu Pratap Singh, the leader of the Indian Farmers' Union, has gone viral in the ongoing peasant movement across India. Where some secret information about the peasant movement can be heard from his mouth, which has shaken many.

In the audio clipping, it is heard that the peasant movement has now taken the form of a political movement. That's why we want to end it now. I am 60 years old and I have been in this line for almost 40 years. When the peasant movement was hijacked by political leaders and thugs, the peasants should have understood. Should have moved away from there. The country was suffering, it also needed to be seen.

He further said, “It can be seen that Rahul Gandhi has supported the farmers and said that the movement will not be withdrawn, this movement will continue.” But I will say – at first he was not ready to talk. And will you feed the farmers without withdrawing the movement now? '

“Foreign interference in the domestic movement will not be tolerated,” he said. We are by the side of those who will move in a democratic way, no matter where the peasantry is in the world. And those who are associated with evil will never find us by their side. '