The people of Bengal will not forget the false propaganda, the sharp sarcasm of Amit Shah by Nusrat Jahan

Banglahunt Desk: Amit Shah has been coming to the country with only false promises for so long. But Bengali will not forget his false propaganda. In this way, the Trinamool (TMC) MP and actress Nusrat Jahan sneered at the Home Minister. He has strongly opposed Amit Shah's visit to Bengal and has launched a fierce fire on social media.

A fancy campaign has been launched on behalf of the Trinamool Congress to oppose Amit Shah's visit to Bengal. Some English letters are arranged randomly as well. Hidden in it are some meaningful English words. However, these negative words must have been written with a mockery of Amit Shah. Needless to say.

Nusrat is the first to see a special word in the middle of it. Addressing Amit Shah on her Twitter handle, the actress wrote, “I see the word liar. And I only remember the shameless lies that Amit Shah has fooled the people of this country. The people of Bengal will never forget your campaign. 'He also wrote with the hashtag, anti-Bengali Amit Shah.

Amit Shah is on a two-day state visit. He arrived at 8.30 pm on Wednesday. Since then there have been a bunch of programs. He was supposed to come to Bengal during Durga Puja. But that did not happen again. So this time Amit Shah did not let him lose such a golden opportunity to campaign for the upcoming assembly polls.

On the other hand, the ruling party of the state has taken to the battlefield against the BJP leader from the very beginning. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has already said, without naming names, that two special political parties have been holding meetings and processions ignoring the epidemic law. This time Nusrat Jahan sang to the tune of his dear sister.