The people of Pakistan demanded a boycott of the UAE, forgetting that billions of rupees were left to be paid

BanglaHunt Desk: Pakistani Twitter users have now demanded a boycott of the United Arab Emirates. #Boycott UAE, wrote. This article has been trending at the top in Pakistan since Wednesday morning. Some Pakistani users are angry with the UAE because it has condemned Turkey's move in Libya. In recent times, relations between Turkey and the United Arab Emirates have deteriorated. At the same time, Turkey has consistently supported Pakistan. That is why many Pakistanis consider Turkey as their real friend.

Ali Keskin was the first to write on the subject

Many users are increasing the demand for buyouts in the UAE. The whole thing started with an account called Ali Keskin. He tweeted at 9pm on May 19, “The UAE is now Turkey's enemy. I urge all my Muslim friends to ban the UAE. ” With this he has used the hashtag #boycottueee. In a subsequent tweet, he said that “the UAE was silent on the Kashmir crisis and supported India.”