The people of Pakistan do not believe in Imran Khan, on the other hand, even in a country with a huge population, 90% of the people are following Modi's words.


Bengali Hunt Desk: The whole world is witnessing the horrible bones of the corona virus from Wuhan, China. The whole world is practically paralyzed by the corona virus. This corona virus has also shown its rampant in the developing countries of the world.

The deadly virus has spread to 95 percent of the world's countries. Lockdown for corona virus is now underway in most countries of the world. In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a nationwide lockdown from March 24. Now the third phase of lockdown is going on in India. No one has a definite answer as to when this lockdown will take place.

But despite the infection, Pakistan is going to lift the lockdown. Recently, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced, “It's been a long time, not a lockdown since Saturday. We are helplessly lifting the lockdown even though the corona virus is on the rise.” The people of his country are not listening to him at all.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has admitted that there is no work being done in Pakistan. Despite the increase in the number of people walking the streets in violation of the lockdown rules, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan will lift the lockdown across Pakistan from next Saturday.

On the other hand, in the case of India, another picture is emerging. On the one hand, India's population is much larger than Pakistan's. Even in that country of huge population, the people of this country follow the words of Prime Minister Narendra Modi very well. During the lockdown, the Prime Minister was asked to clap his hands and light candles.

But during the task given by the Prime Minister, India has repeatedly witnessed a different scenario. From celebrities, industrialists, sportspersons and people of all walks of life, the Prime Minister has paid homage to the Prime Minister by paying homage to her.