The people of this village fall asleep on their way back and forth, and sleep continues for months


Many of us have different weaknesses towards sleep. Many people love sleep so much that even a little sleep in the office space that a person wants to sleep until his sleep is complete. Everyone's sleeping time is different. Some sleep two to four hours, while others sleep well for seven to eight hours on the bus. But what can you imagine walking down the street. There is such a village in the heart of this world

There is a village in Kazakhstan where people can fall asleep on the streets even while walking. Not only that, these people stay asleep for a long time even after sleeping. The name of this village is Kalchi. The people of Kalchi village are unusually sleep deprived. In fact, the people of this village are suffering from mysterious sleeping sickness. These people can sleep for months after sleeping once. The first case of long sleep occurred in 2010. When some children suddenly start sleeping in school. Then, in this village, one by one people started getting infected with this disease.

Scientists are regularly researching the disease in the village, but to date scientists have not been able to find out anything about the disease. Although many doctors and scientists are engaged in research on this disease, they do not know much about this disease. People here are amazed at how they can sleep for so long.

The population of this amazing disease village is about 700 people. Currently, more than 14 percent of the people in the village are suffering from this mysterious disease. The most surprising thing is that people with this disease do not know that they are asleep. People here can be seen sleeping on the street or anywhere. Many fall asleep while walking in the market, school or even on the street. He then slept for several days. It is noteworthy that uranium was once mined in this village. The idea is that people may have contracted this strange disease because of this mine. Surprisingly, this village does not have a significant amount of radioactivity.