The person asked did you quit smoking? The head will spin after reading the answer of Shahrukh Khan


Shah Rukh Khan: शख्स ने पूछा क्या सिगरेट छोड़ दी? शाहरुख खान का जवाब पढ़कर सिर घूम जाएगा

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Shah Rukh Khan Reaction: bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan Do not miss any chance to connect with the fans. Even though his schedule remains very busy, but even after this, the actor finds an opportunity to interact with the fans. Recently Shah Rukh Khan under Ask SRK session Fans He was seen interacting with and answered the questions of the public. Fans asked many types of questions to Shahrukh Khan, to which Shahrukh Khan was seen answering interestingly.

Shahrukh Khan answered many questions of the fans during the AskSrk session. Some were seen asking questions related to his career and some were seen asking about his personal life. A person asked Shahrukh Khan whether he smokes now or not. Shahrukh also gave a roundabout answer to the man’s question.

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Shahrukh Khan while answering the person’s question said- ‘Yes I lied, I myself am surrounded by the smoke of cancer stick.’ Shahrukh Khan is known for his spot reply. Who knows better than him when and in which situation how to answer the actor. Shahrukh answered even more interesting questions from the fans. A person asked the superstar if he had ever played marbles. Responding to this, King Khan said that he has also played Lattu, played Kancha and Gulli Danda was his favorite game.

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Shahrukh’s jawan will come on this day

Talking about the work front, Shahrukh Khan’s charm is back once again after the film Pathan. Shah Rukh Khan’s film earned bumpers worldwide and also became the highest-grossing Hindi language film. Now this year another film of Shahrukh Khan is going to be released. Shahrukh is in discussion about the film Jawan. This film will be released on 7 September.

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