The person fell from the chair screaming for fear of getting an injection! Viral funny videos on Netdunia

BanglaHunt Desk: Viral video has become a very popular topic in the news department these days. With the help of social media, whether it is a TV screen or a mobile screen, viral video has won the hearts of everyone from eight to eighty. Tell me who doesn't love to laugh, so in today's busy world, all these viral videos help people to feel a little less stressed through laughter.

On the one hand, just as you are looking for the logic of laughter by watching viral videos in the gap of work, on the other hand, the reason for that laughter is that man, his soul is being added without being caged. But now a funny video of one person has gone viral on social media. After watching that video, on the one hand, just like the netizens were killed by laughter, on the other hand, the man on the opposite side of the mobile screen was afraid to leave the soul cage.

Whether small or large, we are all a little scared to take injections. Many people do not even go to the edge of his clinic for fear that the doctor will give more injections. But if you get sick, that injection is the only hope. Not finding an alternative way, he had to take the injection with his life.

One such video has gone viral on social media right now. Where seen, one person has to take an injection for some reason. The person giving the injection is wearing a full PPE kit and another service worker is standing next to the patient. But before taking the injection, the man left the chair in fear and fell to the ground twice. Before the needle could pierce, he started shouting. When he was pushing the medicine, everyone around him looked at him and laughed. After posting this video on Netdunia, it went viral.