The person helped the handicapped in such a way, he immediately fell on his feet; You will become emotional after watching the video


शख्स ने की अपाहिज की ऐसी मदद, झट से गिर पड़ा पैरों पर; वीडियो देख हो जाएंगे इमोशनल

Heart Touching Video: If a person is physically disabled then he must be helped. This is true humanity. Nowadays the video of one such person is becoming very viral on social media, who has won everyone’s heart.

The man won the heart by helping the handicapped

Image Credit source: Twitter

Heart Touching Video: Helping someone is an act of virtue and everyone must do this virtue. Especially no one should back down from the help of such people, who are physically weak or incapacitated. You must have seen that many people do not have hands and many do not have feet. In such a situation, they are helpless to do any work. to such people humanity To show is the real humanity. social media but nowadays one video viral is happening, in which a person is seen helping the handicapped and wins everyone’s heart with his humanity.

In the video, you can see that some vehicles are standing at the red light and there is a person sitting on the side, who is actually handicapped. That person does not have a leg and he does not even have crutches, with the help of which he can walk comfortably. In such a situation, a person is ready to help him. He buys crutches for both the legs from somewhere and starts giving it to the handicapped person. Seeing this, the handicapped person falls at the feet of that person and starts thanking him. Then that person also helps him to stand. This sight is such that tears come to anyone’s eyes upon seeing it.

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watch this amazing video

This beautiful video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named @cctvidiots. This video of just 26 seconds has been viewed more than 3 million i.e. 30 lakh times, while more than 33 thousand people have also liked the video.

At the same time, after watching the video, people have also given different reactions. One user has written that ‘men should always stand for each other’, while another user has written that ‘there is still humanity left in the world’.

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