The police officer visited Bajrangbali after unlocking the temple at Lockdown and did fruit delivery


Lockdown is currently going on all over India. As a result of the gradual spread of corona, multiple steps are being taken by the central government. But many of them are disobeying the lock down. At present, the number of Corona sufferers is around 35,000. To keep the service normal and under control, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has again announced a lockdown till March 16.

About 33 days have passed. And because of the lockdown, everyone is trapped in the house. The entrances to monasteries, temples, mosques and other religious places are all closed. Jute schools, colleges, workplaces and shops. But even in this, the temple of Chitrakoot has been unlocked and worshiped.

Besides, bananas have been fed to the starving monkeys here. Thus the lock down has been violated here. Chitrakoot Dham Mandal Chattar Commissioner Gaurab Dal and DIG Chanchal Rawat and Satna DM Ajay Katte Sheria came to see and pay homage to the river cleaning work here. They feed Hanuman with pujo. And in all this, they forget the social distance and lock down. Many people are surprised at the fact that the Mandakini river is being cleaned here.

After worshiping the real Hanumanji, they also feed the people around him and their children. In all this, they completely forget about keeping social distance in the corona virus. There is a problem with arvei. What will happen to the country if the police themselves disobey the rules.