The police team, which adopted the whole slum, regularly brought food from home for the workers


The corona virus has spread throughout the world in a way that is killing many people. And most people are prisoners of houses to save themselves. Police and doctors are working day and night in the meantime. Madhya Pradesh police are helping the poor families to solve their problems in the wake of the Corona virus disaster.

Police are helping people from all poor families. This situation is such that many people do not have enough to eat at one time. And in Madhya Pradesh, three working families did not get even a single grain for food.

One of the constables feeds a hungry family by eating food from home. In Hat Maidan, there are about 6 financially vulnerable families.

Day after day, people do not have the ability to add food every day. And now the situation is that no one can work. And the Madhya Pradesh police team provides 5-day rations, sanitizers and masks to the families living here.

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