The policeman saved the woman's life without caring about her own life, a tumultuous viral video


viral video: Whether it is the police or the traffic police, the net world has repeatedly seen their inhuman faces in the form of viral videos. But the whole country is telling Kurnish to see what a traffic policeman did recently to take a patient to the hospital. That video is viral on Netdunia.

The viral video is of a train station. There, a policeman was seen on duty on the platform. A local train was standing on the platform. A woman with her child walked towards the train compartment. The train started moving as soon as the woman put her child on the train.

At that moment, the woman hurriedly got on the train and lost her balance. The incident was noticed by the on-duty police personnel. He immediately put the woman in a safe position near the train The whole thing happened in just a few seconds.

টি Netizens are telling Kurnish about the decision-making power and duty of the police personnel at the moment. This video has gone viral since it was posted on social media. Thousands of netizens have already watched this video. Check out this video