The policeman was fining the passengers without wearing a mask, he also had to pay a fine


Banglahant Desk: In the panic of the corona virus, a picture of violation of rules came up from Uttar Pradesh, as a result of which the policeman himself is in trouble. Masks are the main and best weapon to protect against corona today. In every case, whether the state government or the central government has made the use of this mask compulsory.

At the present time, people walking by have forgotten to take anything else, but they think that the mask is coming out just right. This is the fear of Corona, on the other hand, if you don't wear a mask, you will be scolded by the police. So the mask has now become the constant companion of man.

Unmasked policeman

Recently, Subhash Chandra Singh, in-charge of Banchi police station in Uttar Pradesh, was fining unmasked passengers and even cyclists in a moving vehicle. He himself was not wearing a mask when the fine was deducted from unmasked passengers. The policeman himself is in trouble due to this incident.

The police officer also has to pay the fine

On Tuesday, the superintendent of police said, “Mask use will protect the person and his family from the corona virus at the present time.” But if our officers don't wear masks to see if that work is being done properly, what message will reach the work of society? '

Subhash Chandra Singh, in-charge of Banchi police station, also had to pay a fine for not using the mask. The police superintendent said, “Currently, the use of masks has been made compulsory. In that case, we police personnel are not above any rules. So this police officer has also been fined.