The pressure of the central party is on the state: the Chief Secretary has taken steps to rectify the mistakes of the hospital


BanglaHunt Desk: Despite initial similarities, differences between the Center and the state (West Bengal) over Corona (COVID-19) are slowly emerging. In West Bengal, the Centre's team was in the state on the allegation of negligence in Corona's treatment, but they were also barred from visiting the state. Later, however, on the basis of the order of the Supreme Court submitted by the Center, the Chief Minister allowed them to tour the state. This time, the inter-ministerial team of the Union Home Ministry sent a letter to the Chief Secretary of the state Rajiv Sinha.

Upon receiving the letter, the Chief Secretary immediately directed the state's corona hospitals to improve their infrastructure and to quickly test patient samples. He began meetings with principals and superintendents of medical colleges and hospitals in the state. And submitted an 11-point report. Where he clearly mentions several things. It is believed that this heated situation has arisen due to the recent accident at Bangur Hospital.

The 11-point directive adopted by the Chief Secretary states-

1) Hospitals should always be kept germ free.

2) The officials of the health buildings should visit the medical colleges regularly.

3) The place where doctors sit or change clothes should also be disinfected.

4) The principals of the medical colleges should take the responsibility to take care of the corona virus.

5) No patient can be mistreated, especially in government hospitals. Otherwise, strict action will be taken against him.

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6) No patient can be returned from a government hospital or medical college.

6) In medical field, all the doctors of emergency department or OPD department should read PPE.

6) In case of any patient being transferred to the hospital, they have to provide ambulance service at the right time.

9) MR Bangur Hospital has to take all the necessary infrastructure measures.

10) If the patient dies, he should be removed from the ward immediately.

11) Any patient's blood sample should be collected and test results should be given within 12 hours.

After the letter written by Apurba Chandra, the head of the inter-ministerial team in Kolkata, to the Chief Secretary of the state about the corona test report coming too late was leaked through the news, there are allegations that the state is in turmoil. However, there are allegations that the explanation given to Apurba Chandra regarding the number of corona deaths in the state is not clear. However, the state chief secretary said that so far 57 people have died in the state due to corona, but 17 of them have died directly in corona. And while the remaining 39 had corona infections, they died of other diseases.