The Prime Minister announced to pay all the proceeds to the coroner's fund till the removal of Corona from the country

Bangla Hunt Desk: Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has announced that he will not take even a single salary until the Corona crisis is resolved from the country. He will donate his entire salary to the fund to save the country from the coroner. With a greeting message from Nepali New Year 25, Oli said that if Corona had not been spread in the country, then the people of Nepal would have been celebrating the festival with full enthusiasm. But now the whole world is in crisis because of this coronary epidemic. And for this reason the people of the country have to act with caution.

Oli said that citizens of Nepal and all countries of the world should look to their own safety. And those who have been infected with coronas, deal with the epidemic by increasing their morale. He assured the people of Nepal that the government will work out a plan to tackle the deep crisis that has become a challenge to the country's economy. Oli is confident that his plan will succeed in bringing the country's economy into line.

There is a lot of talk between Prime Minister Oli Sharma and Prime Minister Narendra Modi (narendra modi) over the New Year's retirement by phone. Modi and Oli trust that the two countries will work together to deal with the crisis. Oli said that his talk with Narendra Modi was positive. The two are in talks to fight the crisis and to exchange necessary supplies.

Lockdowns in the two countries have led to problems in exchange for goods, but in the crisis new approaches are being considered to solve the problem. Narendra Modi, through his tweet, wishes Nepali citizens to bravely fight against Corona. And he also says that India is always with them. Just over a month ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Alli had a vigorous exercise in formulating strategies to fight Corona.

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