The Prime Minister of France made a big statement on action against Islamic terrorism

Bangla Hunt Desk: French Prime Minister Jean Castex has said the French government will continue to fight radical Islamic militants. He was speaking after paying tribute to three French nationals who were stabbed to death by Islamic extremists in the French city of Nice.

In the French city of Nice, a Tunisian man detaches a woman's head from her body with the slogan Allahu Akbar. In two other places, extremists stabbed two other women to death. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a church, police said.

After paying tribute to the dead in the city of Nice, the French prime minister said: “Now we know who the enemy is. Not only did their identities come to the fore, their names also came to the fore. They are radical Islamic organizations. France will do everything in its power to fight these enemies.

Before the Nice attack, a Chechen extremist in Paris killed a teacher who had been shown a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad by slitting his throat. The October 29 attack on Nice sparked outrage around the world against Islamic terrorism. France has been a victim of Islamic terrorism for some time.