The Prime Minister of Mauritius welcomed India's assistance, thanking India

BanglaHunt Desk: Mauritius Prime Minister Pravind Yugnath thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for sending necessary hydroxychloroquine and medical equipment to combat corona. India has previously sent hydroxychloroquine to prevent coronas in multiple countries, including the United States, to combat Corona.

Malaria drugs are responding heavily to the hydroxychloroquine corona. India is the largest producer of this particular drug. Earlier, several countries, including the United States, had applied to India for hydroxychloroquine to prevent coronary disease. India also agreed to supply these medicines to the Allied countries, keeping in mind the reserves of the country. India has already sent hydroxychloroquine to several countries, including the United States.

Air India's special aircraft from India on Wednesday arrived in Mauritius with more than 100,000 hydroxychloroquine and some other medical treatment to prevent coronas. Mauritius is naturally happy with this help from India. Prime Minister Pravindh Jugnath also thanked India for this help. Expressing gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said, “On Wednesday, Air India sent special equipment to India for the treatment of drugs and coronas on a special aircraft. I am very thankful to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Mauritius is also fighting against the damned Corona. Already the number of victims is increasing in that country. However, the transmission is still much less than in India or other countries. As of Thursday, 120 people have been infected with coronavirus in Mauritius.

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