The Pros & the Cons of Taking Hair Growth Tablets

Hair growth tablets have grown quite popular in demand these days. With so many people facing the issue of rapid hair fall and hair thinning, it is expected that the demand for these tablets is only going to increase in the future. There are so many brands out there claiming to provide the best hair growth tablet, and they are quite effective as well. But the important question is: are these worth it? What are the pros and cons of taking these tablets? Without further ado, let us find out.
Pros of Taking Hair Growth Tablets
There are numerous advantages of taking  hair growth tablets. They are as follows:
Tablets for hair fall are very convenient to use. All you have to do is gulp them down with the water at a prescribed time of the day. Unlike hair oil or minoxidil, you will not be facing any inconvenience in using them. You can take this hair treatment even when you are not at home.

Tablets for hair growth are very convenient to take compared to other hair care products.
Enhanced Blood Circulation
What these tablets do is that they increase blood circulation, which helps in the creation of new cells. The more quickly cells are created, the better condition your hair will be in.
Improved Scalp Health
As the hair fall continues, the scalp is also affected by it. The skin cells at the scalp get damaged, irritated and inflamed. The presence of amla in hair growth tablets improves the condition of the scalp, replacing it with healthier and new cells. As a result, the new hair is thicker and stronger.
Makes Hair Stronger
Hair growth tablets have ingredients like bhringraj that are known to boost the health of your hair naturally. The presence of Keshya (a hair growth enhancer) in bhringraj makes the hair grow long and makes it stronger as well. And when a product has both bhringraj and onion bulb, then the strength of the hair grows two-fold. This is because onion bulbs have essential vitamins that contribute to hair growth and thickness.
Removes Irritation and Inflammation
One of the common scalp problems people face is skin irritation and inflammation. Using the wrong shampoo can trigger these conditions even further. There are many hair lotions that can treat irritation and inflammation of the scalp. But if you are taking tablets for hair growth, then one of its benefits includes reduced scalp irritation and inflammation. The tablets enhance the health of both your hair and scalp and this will prevent problems related to hair fall and skin inflammation.
There are many treatments for hair growth, including hair transplants that cost a fortune. But if you take hair growth tablets, you won’t be putting too much strain on your wallets. The price of these tablets is quite affordable, and anyone facing hair fall issues can use these tablets.
Doctor’s Recommendation
Many doctors, especially dermatologists, recommend tablets for hair growth. This gives these tablets the assurance which people would want in a product.
Cons of Hair Growth Tablets
There are always some side effects of almost all the health care products you use. With the tablets for hair growth, this stands to be the same. Here are some of the cons of using these tablets:
You Need to Take them Consistently
For these tablets to take effect, you have to take them consistently. The moment you stop using them, hair fall and hair thinning will start again. There are few products that can make a significant change but most of the products available work effectively only while you are taking them on a regular basis.
Tablets for Hair Growth have Side Effects
If you are taking these tablets without consulting a doctor, then there are chances you might face minor to moderate side effects. Anxiety, depression, scalp irritation and even the loss of sex drive are some of the symptoms you might have while taking these hair growth tablets. If you want to take these tablets, it is better to go for a brand that uses 100% vegetarian and natural ingredients that will have no side effects.
Loss of Effectiveness with Supplements
There are many hair care tablets that might not go well with the different types of medications you are having. It is commonly observed that medicines like anxiety pills reduce the effectiveness of hair growth products. So, you will have to use a product that does not get interfered with by other medications. Hence, if you have any medical condition and take medications for it, you should consult a doctor regarding this. The doctor will advise you regarding which hair care products to use along with the supplementary medicines.

As it is made evident, hair care tablets can have both positive and negative sides. But the good thing is that the pros totally dominate the cons, and if you are using a product with 100% natural ingredients, you will have no room for complaints.