The puppy is taking music training from the guru, a viral video on Netdunia


viral video: The video of various feats of animals and birds in the net world goes viral every day. They win the hearts of the net by making various actions like human beings. Sometimes they are seen to be naughty, sometimes to work with complex electronic gadgets like drones. But music training? This time a puppy started the work of writing the names of non-human animals in the world of music.

Dogs are very domineering animals. This animal helps in various tasks of human beings. From guarding the night to finding bombs, he is perfect. Many pet dogs also help with household chores. But so say the song? The video has gone viral in the net world.

The viral video shows a small white puppy. Sitting on a small concrete pillar, he listens intently to the song of his Guruji, the boy in the blue robe. Then trying to imitate him. He is trying to keep the melody as accurate as possible. If something goes wrong, Guruji is correcting it.

In today's age of social media, singing has gone viral. However, netizens did not watch the video of puppy music education. The video has gone viral since it was posted on social media.

The viral video was posted from a Twitter account called Animal Life. Written in the caption, music education. Netizens are making funny comments in the comment box of this viral video One wrote, “The puppy sings better than me.” All in all, this little puppy is at the center of the net world discussion right now. Check out the viral video