The Ramayana Mahabharata has a huge crowd watching the website, the whole site is collapsing


BanglaHunt Desk: India (India) was under a complete lockdown for 25 days to fight the coronavirus (uhana) coronavirus. Mahabharata and Ramayana decided to entertain the country by broadcasting two great epics of Doordarshan Hindu civilization. Ramananda Sagar is a television series of Ramayana 1 which makes the great epic theatrical. At that time it became hugely popular. The Ramayana Mahabharata has a huge crowd watching the website, the whole site is collapsing.

Similarly, the Mahabharata of BR Chopra, a television series of 5, was also considered as one of the criteria of Indian television. The hugely popular TV series made its return to television and the first episode of Ramayana was aired at 9am today.

With the first episode of Ramayana being aired live, the Ramayana Sagar's Ramayana has been on the forefront in Google with many people probably trying to figure out when the series will start or is looking for an online link to watch it.

Not only has Ramayana become the top search on Google for Doordarshan, Doordarshan website where the channel can crash directly online due to high speed. Even on the social networking site Twitter, four of the top ten trends are related to Ramayana, Ramananda Sagar, Lord Rama and Doordarshan.

Growing up in the 9s and 9s, the most beloved serial was the Mahabharata of the BR Chopra by far and the Ramayana in the Ramananda Sagar. Arun Gobil was cast in the role of Lord Rama and Nitish Vardhwaj in the role of Lord Krishna. Even in the era of Netflix and Amazon Prime, thanks to the Chinese Wu Coronavirus, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata still hold the interest of the country. An episode of the Hindu epic Ramayana will be broadcast from 8am to 5pm and the Mahabharata will be aired at 12pm.

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