The real reason came out, the investigation team made a sensational claim about Maradona’s death


Diego Maradona, the legendary Argentine cricketer, died suddenly in November last year after a long illness. After Maradona’s death, many started pointing fingers at each other. It was then that an investigation was ordered into the cause of Maradona’s death.

The investigation into Maradona’s death was handed over to an investigating agency. They formed a special team to try to unravel the mystery of the death of the legendary footballer Maradona. They finally released a report after investigating Maradona’s death. The report claims that his doctors were responsible for Maradona’s death. The legendary Maradona has died due to the negligence and wrong treatment of the doctors.

The investigating team has further demanded. They claim, “On November 25, 12 hours before his death, Maradona suddenly fell seriously ill. At that time he tried to say something by gestures and gestures. But it was not to be seen as no one was in Maradona’s room. As a result, Maradona died prematurely. ” In other words, the medical team in charge of Maradona was “inappropriate, weak and reckless”.