The Receiving Night star explained how it would be possible to organize the Twenty20 World Cup properly.


At the moment, the Corona virus has spread across the globe. And because of this coronary virus, there has also been suspicion that the Twenty20 World Cup is expected to be held on Australian soil later this year. The Twenty20 World Cup is slated to start on Australian soil next October 18 but the Corona virus is raising concerns ahead. In such a situation, many feel that this year's World Cup may be postponed, meaning that the World Cup is being postponed. But whether or not the World Cup be postponed or postponed, I don't want Ajee spinner Brad Hogg. That's why he made a fancy proposal that could easily make the World Cup possible.

Former Kolkata Knight Riders star Brad Hogg is not proposing to do the World Cup at any other time, he said, so that in any way it is the right time to start the World Cup. That is why Hogg says every team cricketer, coach and supporting staff should be flown to Australia for the one and a half months before the World Cup begins. However, they must first test their coronas in their own country.

Each cricketer must arrive in Australia and send them all to the quarantine for 14 days. Then everyone should be tested and then all of them will be allowed to practice in the field. Hogg also said that maintaining a social distance on the cricket field should not be too much of an inconvenience. Brad Hogg wants all the cricketers to watch the World Cup on the television screen at home so that cricket fans can not come out of the field to watch the World Cup through these plans.

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