The report of 72 people in 5 religious places in Delhi is positive! The whole area was sealed by the police


Bangla Hunt Desk: Every day, the number of coronavirus outbreaks in the whole country, including Delhi, is increasing. According to statistics released by the Central Health Department, the number of Corona positives has risen to five in the country. And in the last 24 hours, 4 people have been infected with this deadly virus. The death toll has risen to 25 in the whole country. Also 3 of them returned home after being healed.

In the last 12 hours in Chandni Mahal area of ​​Old Delhi, three people were killed due to corona. Of the 12 mosques in the six mosques, 52 reported the spread of activity in the area after the Corona positive. Coroner Positive has taken stringent steps in increasing the number of Coroner Positives in Chandni Maham area of ​​Central Delhi. Chandni Mahal area has been sealed after receiving news of an outbreak.

The number of sealed hotspots in the capital Delhi has increased to seven this time. On Friday, six new hotspots in Delhi were identified as hotspots and sealed. The six places that were announced to be sealed are Nabi Karim, the lanes 1 to 22 of Zakir Nagar, the area adjacent to the Abu Bakr Mosque in Zakir Nagar and the e-pocket area of ​​the GTB enclave.

On the other hand, Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain said on Friday that 3,500 PPE kits have been made available by his center. He said that all the PPE kit trucks were being sent to Godown by the Delhi government.

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